Hurricane Hill via Hurricane Ridge

From a hiker’s wonderland in summer to a skier’s playground in winter, Hurricane Hill via Hurricane Ridge is ideal for both activities. This 5.6-km out-and-back journey offers both challenge and reward as it winds through lush meadows, past striking mountain vistas. Located near Port Angeles, Washington, this trail has an elevation gain of 254 m. As you venture on this trail, you will encounter vibrant wildflowers, curious wildlife. Keep in mind that you can’t take dogs with you.

It’s highly sought-after for its all-encompassing views and rich biodiversity. The trail appeals to hikers of varying skill levels due to its reasonable distance and difficulty. If you are a newbie looking for a rather short trail, it’s an ideal hike. It has the features that any hiker looks for.

The trail can easily be accessed from Port Angeles and the trailhead is located near the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. You can start your hike from the visitor center or the Hurricane Hill parking lot. It’s better if you start from the parking lot, as you will have a shorter distance to cover.

The first mile is relatively flat, but the trail soon begins to climb steeply up the side of Hurricane Ridge. You will go through the woods and then emerge into a wide-open alpine meadow. You should pause to enjoy the stunning views of the interior Olympics. It begins to gradually ascend to the summit of Hurricane Hill.

When you have taken in enough of the views, you can head back by simply retracing your steps along the trail. You would be making your way back down through meadows and forest. You have to pay a fee to enter the Olympic National Park. The fees help support its maintenance and preservation efforts. You can pay a single entrance fee or purchase an annual pass. You should check the park’s current road condition before heading out. The trail usually has no snow in summer, so hikers enjoy the bare trail. In winter, it gets snowy and skiers enjoy the snow for skiing.

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