Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte

If you are looking for an adventure then Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte is your path to an exciting journey. The trail offers different activities and is perfect for avid hikers and fun lover. The trail is comparatively long with a distance of 10.7 miles out and back. It has an elevation gain of 3,008 feet. It is rated as difficult and it is suitable for experienced hikers.

Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte is located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and is one of the most challenging trails in the national park. But, the trail is also the most rewarding one, as it provides an adventurous experience of a lifetime. It’s one of the most popular and beautiful trails in the smoky mountains.

The trail begins from the Alum Cave trailhead. You will have to drive 8.7 miles south along Newfound Gap Road if you want to reach the trailhead from the Sugarlands Visitor Center near Gatlinburg. You can park your vehicles in the parking area that you would see on your left.

There are two parking spots due to a large number of hikers coming to hike the trail every day. Still, you must reach early to avoid any trouble and get a nice parking spot. For the first part of the trail, hikers will have to travel over a fairly gentle grade. To reach Arch Rock you will have to follow Alum Cave Creek.

After traveling the distance of 1.3 miles you will reach Arch Rock. The Arch Rock was formed by freezing and thawing. You will have to follow the trail under the Arch and climb a few steps to reach the top. After hiking for two miles you will reach a point names As Inspiration Point. It is a health bald that gives an amazing view of Little Duck Hawk Ridge.

There is no doubt that the hike will be a great experience for you, but it’s also dependant on the weather. Don’t go when there are chances of heavy rain, but also don’t go when it’s too hot. Choose footwear that is comfortable and suitable to walk on rocks and won’t slip.

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