Avalanche Lake via the Trail of the Cedars

The hike to the Avalanche Lake via the Trail of the Cedars is a 5.7 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 730 feet. It is one of the most hiked trails in the Glacier National Park as it gives the views of lake and mountains and presents challenges as well. The trail is located in the Glacier National Park near Lake Mc Donald, Montana. It is rated as moderate and is considered one of the easy hikes in the National Park. You can take your kids with you as well. The trail also features waterfalls and amazing views of the forest.

The parking area is located near the Avalanche Creek campground; nearly a hundred vehicles can be parked there. You should go early to find a nice spot. There are restrooms there and on the way as well, so that’s not a problem. The trail begins from the trailhead located in the east of Lake Mc Donald. Once you reach there, you can either head left (eastern side) or head right (western side). The western segment is wider and slightly shorter. But, the eastern segment presents great views and you will travel over boardwalks. You would see trees along the way as well, some of which is approximately 100 feet high and about 500 years old.

After around 1.5 miles from the trailhead, you would reach a footbridge. From this footbridge, you will get views of lower Avalanche Gorge. Just after this point, you would see Avalanche Lake Trail junction. Follow the trail that goes upwards, on your way just look towards your right and you will see a very dense forest. After less than a mile you will get to the banks of Avalanche Creek. After 2.3 miles you will get to the foot of the Avalanche Lake. Enjoy the views there and take photos. You can also have lunch in the large beach area nearby. If you continue on the trail you can get to the head of the lake. This is a very popular trail, so you should go early to avoid a large crowd and get a decent parking spot.

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