Beaver Brook and Chavez Trail Loop

For all the hiking lovers Beaver Brook and Chavez Trail is a special trail that offers great adventurous experience. This trail is located near Golden, Colorado and its difficulty level is moderate. The trail is the best option for you if you want to be close to nature. Beaver Brook to Chaves Trail offers a river and you will have to cross streams several times, so this is a fun part.

Although the whole journey would be very pleasant you need to take into account the heat. It could be very hot so you should go early in the morning and also take plenty of cold water with you. The good thing is that most of the trail is shady thanks to the pine trees so you won’t have much problem.

The whole trail is 5.1 mile and the elevation gain is 1,005 feet. The trail begins from behind the toilets at the trailhead parking lot. You have to keep walking for 0.3 miles in the west direction and then you will find yourself at the first intersection. This is the time to make a decision. You have to decide whether you want to go straight or you want to turn right.

If you go straight you will be following Beaver Brook Trail which has a long continuous decline and a steep incline on your way back. If you want to hike Chavez Trail you have to turn right. Compared to Beaver Brook Trail Chavez Trail has a short and steep decline. You can go to these spots at any time of the year you want. But, the preferred seasons are summer and fall. The trail is very adventurous and you will have to overcome obstacles like streams crossings, narrow trail conditions, etc.

If you are following Chavez Trail you will see a beautiful peak between the trees at the mountain at 0.5 miles. After some distance you will see a rock that appears as it has melted, you need to be careful as it would wet and you can slip. On your way back you will cross a dirt road and get back to the parking area.

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