Bells Canyon Trail to Lower Falls

Get an everlasting experience by hiking Bells Canyon Trail to Lower Falls because it will take your breath away. It is located near Sandy, Utah, and is the most attractive trail that features spectacular landscapes and eye-catching views.

The distance of the trail is 4.6 miles out & back which can gain an elevation of 1455 feet and is properly marked. There are no pets allowed on this trail as the trail is elevated and it is also steep at the end. If you are an experienced hiker, you will face no difficulty during this hike but if you are out of shape or have children, you might get exhausted.

If you have decided to hike Bells Canyon Trail to Lower Falls, you need to pick a day during the week when the traffic will be less and start your hike early in the morning. To get to the Lower Falls, you will have to use Bells Canyon, which is located on the east side of the valley. The trail which starts by following a dirt road initially runs up the mountain. While hiking through this trail, keep a lookout for the wildlife which you can see along the trail such as mountain goat that are most commonly found on rocky areas of the trail.

Bells canyon reservoir is a spot on here which is great for taking a rest. You can enjoy the food you brought along with you or you can just enjoy a snack and have a great time. After enjoying nature and taking a break, you will have to look for trails around the reservoir which are very well marked. Follow the left trails if you want to get to your destination in time and they are the most used ones.

About a mile from the reservoir, there is a creek crossing a wooden bridge and the water here is crystal clear. After that, you will have to continue on the trail for about a mile into the national forest. The last half-mile of the trail is quite steep so you need to be extra careful. After that, the waterfalls will be right in front of you, be sure to find a point where you can soak into nature.

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