Bridge to Nowhere via East Fork Trail

You might get the wrong impression from the name but Bridge to Nowhere via East Fork Trail takes you on a trip to a beautiful hike. It is a 9.3 out and back trail located near Azusa, California. The hike has an elevation gain of 1,276 feet and is extreme fun from the beginning to the start. The Bridge to Nowhere was constructed over a gap carved by the East Fork of the San Gabriel River in 1936. The purpose of building this bridge was, so it can serve as a link between the Wrightwood to the north and San Gabriel Valley to the south.

This trail is an excellent spot for hikers who love adventure and bungee jumpers. The trail difficulty is moderate and it will take you around 6 hours to complete the hike. It’s a long trail and you need to well-prepared for it. Get in your hiking suit, wear the right shoes, and take plenty of water with you as well.

You can hike the trail any time of the year you want but you need to look out for the weather. If there are chances of heavy rain you shouldn’t go as the river might flood. Flash floods have caused injuries and people have also died because of them. The trail begins from the trailhead where you can park your vehicles as well. Don’t be too surprised if the trailhead is overcrowded as it is a popular hike. Parking is free but you will have to buy a pass.

For the first half-mile, you will hike a wide dirt road to Heaton Flats Trail Camp. From there the hike begins ascending and it’s more fun too. You won’t find much shade on the trail, especially for the last two miles. After another half mile, you will get the first taste of the river, you will have to pass through water from time to time. Soon, you will be on the trail that heads straight to the river. The trail would become a bit difficult so it’s important that you stay on the east side of the canyon.

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