Cathedral Rock Trail

Located near Sedona, Arizona Cathedral Rock trail is one of the easiest and rewarding trail. The length of the trail is 1.2 mile and total elevation gain is 744 feet. If you have booked a trip to Sedona then Cathedral Rock trail must be in your to-do list. If you will not hike it your trip would be incomplete.

It’s an out and back trail and is rated as moderate. It’s suitable for new hikers who do not have much hiking experience. The trail is also kid-friendly and dog-friendly. You can take your family i.e. kids, elderly, dogs with you and have a complete family picnic. But, the trail still offers some challenges as it is a climb. It is unshaded, you won’t find any trees to take cover or take rest. It is also steep and difficult in places.

The best season to hike Cathedral Rock Trail is summer. The best time to hike Cathedral Rock Trail is mid-day. Great time to take photographs is at sun-set.

The trail begins at Back O’ Beyond Road. You will have to travel 0.6 miles to the trailhead parking lot located on the left. As the trail is heavily used you might have trouble finding a nice parking spot.

That’s why we suggest you arrive early in the morning and park your vehicles. Toilets are also located at the trailhead. Initial hike is pretty straightforward and you just have to walk but then it becomes steep. You will have to climb the stairs, at some points, you will have to use both your hands and feet to climb between the rocks.

After the fairly easy section, you’ll reach the base of a cleft in the rock. This is the point where most of the hikers decide whether they want to continue the journey or go back. Because the trail rises significantly you need to make sure you can hike it. Once you reach the top of the Cathedral Rock you will get a great view. There are a lot of places that you can discover.

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