Delicate Arch Trail

Located near Moab, Utah Delicate Arch trail is the visitors’ top attraction. People from around the world come to hike Delicate arch and they love every second of it. Delicate arch is one of the world’s most famous geological features. Its’ the largest free-standing arch in arches park with a height of 64 feet and width of 45 feet.

The distance of the trail is 3.1 mile and the elevation gain is 613 feet. The hike is not very difficult and is rated as moderate. The hike begins from the Delicate arch trailhead off at Wolf Ranch. You can park your vehicles in a large parking area just near the main park road. To begin hiking you will have to cross the bridge over salt wash.

To reach the delicate arch you will have to hike for 1.5 miles. The first part of the hike is very simple; you will just have to walk on a graded path. The second part is amazing and you will see amazing views. But, it’s also the hardest path.

The best seasons to hike Delicate arch are spring and fall when the weather is a bit cooler. The perfect time to go hiking is just before sunset. Its beauty increases in the evening and it’s also the perfect time for taking photographs. It may be crowded around sunset but it’s the best time to hike the trail.

If you want to visit Delicate arch when it’s not crowded then you should go early in the morning. If you get out early from the bed and go to hike the trail you will only find 10 to 15 people there.

As there are no shades and the whole trail is exposed to sunlight you must take enough water with you. One person must take at least one liter of water with him. Also, don’t hike in the afternoon; morning and evening are perfect times for hiking this trail. Whoever hiked Delicate arch, just loved it and showed the determination to hike it again and again.

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