Devils Bridge Trail

Nature’s best artifact Devil’s Bridge is incredible and worth seeing. It is spread over 4.2 miles near Sedona, Arizona, and is always seen overly crowded and heavily trafficked. It is best place for those who are fond of hiking and adventures.

Red rocks and wildflowers are its characteristics. The paths are very rough and unpaved. There you require to bring vehicles which are fit enough to move through the dry and rough surfaces facing a lot of frictions. You can park your vehicles either at the Dry Creek Road trailhead which is almost 1 mile away from a trailhead or also you can park at Mescal Trail-head too. From both of these parking lots, you can go to the bridge trail from different paths making your trip more enticing and memorable.

The trail starts at an elevation of 4600 feet and goes up for around 400 feet. In the beginning, the path is fine and smooth and after a mile or a few miles, it gets rough and challenging yet very interesting. The paths get steeper with each and every step you take.

This bridge is incredible and worth seeing place. It is nature’s monument and it is a breathtaking sight when you reach the highest point of the bridge. From there, you can view the whole Devil’s’ Bridge and admire the natural artifacts. You cannot help praising the Lord whose architecture is shown in such a beautiful way.

It is a very busy and highly trafficked place; people visit this place quite often and randomly. People would be arriving and leaving at the same time and the best option you have to visit this place is to be here as early as possible to have the full of it and try to view the scenes in isolation if possible. It will allow you to relax, be calm and it is good for your mental and physical health.

It’s a best spot for hiking even if you want to go with your whole family. People who hiked Devil’s Bridge Trail were really satisfied with their experience. One hiker said, it’s a must-see spot in Sedona. Another said that he had great fun doing this and he is never going to forget this experience.

Upward or uphill movements demand more energy so for this you have to take plenty of water along with you as there would be heat and you have to be prepared to combat the heat. It is also suggested that you bring your own umbrella to cover your head from intense sunlight.

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