Donut Falls Trail

Almost every romantic story of the kids in Utah begins at the Donut Falls trail located in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It is one of the most celebrated tracks and rightly so because of its natural charisma. The out and back trail measures 3 miles, and has an elevation gain of 532 feet.

Apart from this, it has an elevation of 7493 ft. at the trailhead and 7830 ft. at the cascade. Both the local people and visitors from the neighborhood hail the Donut Trails as one of the finest streamlines. Hiking through the trail doesn’t demand expertise. Thus, the best part about Donut Falls is that it can be treaded by people from all age groups.

While walking through the trail, you will witness nature in her best disposition. The tall alpine trees and wildflowers that guard the trail on both sides make it look heavenly. The denomination assigned to this waterfall and the accompanying trail has a history. The place draws its name from a donut-shaped hole that lies on top of a cave. The hole has resulted from the wear and tear and the collapse of the rocks over the years. There is a string of fun and exciting activities at the trail that you can avail throughout the year.

Before you start preparing for your next hiking trip, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The area experiences heavy snowfall in winter and during some portions of spring. Thereby, the trailhead leading to the track might remain closed during spring and initial days of the summer. The chunk of road that remains inaccessible is only one or two miles. However, if the path isn’t closed, you can visit the place with enough snow equipment.

Once you reach the trail, you will have no clear directions that will lead you to the waterfall. All that you could rely upon is memory map. When you start initially, keep on your right and move past the restrooms. If you are hiking when the trail that is covered with snow, move uphill for some time till it forks. Then, start being on the left and continue for a while. When you reach a point, you will see a steep hill that goes down to the canyon. Nonetheless, start moving towards your right; after a few steps, you will find the Donut falls right before you.

You should also know that the authorities will not allow you to bring your pets along to the hiking session. The water from the stream is always cold and rushes down at a very high speed. Therefore, it washes a generous portion of the path that lies before it, thus making it extremely slippery.

With the area being somewhat stiff and slippery, you must climb the boulders with extra caution. On reaching the waterfall, spend some time at the spot. Absorb every essence that nature has in reserve for a man!

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