Eaton Canyon Trail

A relatively easy trail you can choose to hike is Eaton Canyon Trail that allows different amazing activities. The trail is located near Pasadena, California and is one of the most crowded trails in that location. This trail is a 3.5-mile round trip and has an elevation gain of 436 feet. Eaton Canyon trail is not very long so it’s appropriate for those who have just started hiking. It is rated as moderate so you shouldn’t have any fear while hiking it. It’s a very popular trail so you should expect it to be crowded more that often. It’s even more crowded on the weekends so you should plan your visit keeping this in the mind. If you go when it’s too crowded you may not get the experience that you would have expected.

The best season to visit Eaton Canyon trail in is spring when you will get to views the beautiful wildflowers. The best time to visit Eaton Canyon trail is early in the morning or at sunset. You will get the experience if you visit the trail in the morning or at sunset and also it won’t be much crowded at these times. If you want to take memorable photographs then sunset is the time for you. One of the special features of this trail is the waterfall that presents beautiful views. This trail also features several stream crossings that will make your experience even more exciting.

Eaton Canyon Trail is one of the best trails located around L.A and it’s so close to the city that you shouldn’t make any excuses not to go. The path is very easy and clearly marked and you will be fine along the trail.

The trail beings from the big dirt road where there is enough space for all the hikers. In your way, you will pass a few shaded thickets and soon you will be able to see the San Gabriel Mountains. Follow the trail and you will reach the mountains. The sun will follow you along the path as well.

You will cross Eaton Walsh after 0.2 miles and you will have to turn left below a canopy of trees. Along the path you will encounter a bridge; you will have to pass below it in order to enter the San Gabriel Mountains.

The trail would change quite a lot once you have passed the bridge. You will have to hike up a canyon and cross from bank to bank. At 0.6 miles after the bridge is the Canyon falls, your destination. Spend some time there so you can enjoy the view and admire the beauty of the waterfall.

You can take your kids, parents, as well as dogs to visit Eaton Canyon trail. There is no fee or permit for visiting the trail. There is also no parking fee and the only thing you should be worried about is getting there as early as possible to get a decent parking spot.

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