Emerald Lake Trail

For all those who admire and love to visit lakes, it is highly recommended to them to have Colorado’s best Lake Emerald Lake on the top of their list. This is the most visited and the most admired place and always remains busy and highly trafficked with the people. There you would see mountains, valleys on either side of the lake.

Emerald Lake Trailhead is a popular route in Rocky Mountain National Park that is at the end of Bear Lake Road, near the Estes Park in Colorado. Emerald Lake Trail constitutes on over 3.1 miles in area. There is comparatively less elevation gain to other trials, and it rounds about 600 feet in elevation. The path is paved.

There you would find a bit of climbing and nothing too much steeps or strenuous if you hike or you are used to hiking. The trail remains open for the visitors around the year but it is best to visit from April to November where nature blooms to its fullest.

There are worth seeing and many cherishing features of this lake and is graded as moderate. This trail is diverse and offers a lot of spectacular visual while you are moving through this.

The path is somehow smooth and not that much Well-worn you can move on your vehicles or additionally there are shuttles also available on which you can easily move and this service can save you from the hassle of parking in the parking lot.

The best feature about this trail is that leads you towards the three most bravura and charismatically beautiful lakes. Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and the third one are Emerald Lake. You would find Lilies and other wildflowers on these lakes. The most beautiful and picturesque scenes can be captured in your cameras. It is the best point for photographers.

A lot of people are found taking their pictures on this trail and they have fun while visiting such a striking and worth admiring place. Most of its visitors are those who visit it every year and few of them are among those who visit it twice or thrice to enjoy and appreciate its exquisiteness.

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