Grays and Torrey’s Peak

Two of the most classic fourteeners in Colorado, Grays and Torrey’s Peak give you the best experience of mountain climbing. Located near Idaho Springs, Colorado, Grays and Torrey’s Peak are 9th and 11th tallest peaks in Colorado. The total distance of this out and back trail is 12.6 km with an elevation gain of 1,083m.

The trail is rated as difficult, and as you know hiking a 14er is not easy, so be fully prepared, especially when you have two peaks to summit. The best seasons to hike are spring, summer, and fall. July and August are the best months as the weather is moderate during these months and also you would get to see beautiful wildflowers. However, these months are also the busiest.

The peaks are fairly close to each other as they are connected by a saddle, so it is possible to hike both of them in one visit. It’s just an hour’s drive away from Colorado, so you can expect a lot of locals as well as vacationers.

Getting to the trailhead is somewhat difficult, so a high 4WD is recommended that can get you through rocks, ice, and dirt. There is a parking area on the I-70, if you don’t have a 4WD, park there and get to the trailhead by foot. The trailhead also has a parking area with bathrooms. Go early, to get a parking spot, otherwise, if you don’t get a spot, be ready to add a further 2.4 miles to your hike.

When you start hiking, you will have to cross a bridge, from where you can turn southwest. After 1.84 miles, you will get to the Kelso Junction, if you turn right and take the small trail, you will get to Kelso Ridge and Torreys Peak. Follow the main trail and you will reach the upper slopes.

At 2.5 miles, you will reach the Torrey Peak Junction. If you turn right, you will be lead to the saddle between the two peaks. Many hikers prefer to hike Grays Peak first, if you want to do the same, turn left from the junction. There will be several switchbacks from here on and at 3.73 miles; you will reach the summit of the Grays Peak. From there, Torreys Peak is around a mile away. You have to follow the Torreys Peak Trail to reach the summit.

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