Grotto Falls Trail

The best way to start your day is by hiking the Grotto Falls Trail that’s a short and easy hike. The trail is located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee and it’s one of our favorite hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The out and back trail has a length of 4.3 kilometers and a total elevation gain of 164 m.

Don’t think that because it’s a short hike, it won’t be worth your time. The hike is pretty good and you can enjoy it with your family. The trail is not too steep and it’s well maintained.

It’s a very popular destination in the summer. You can also walk behind the waterfall, which will allow you take to enjoy one of the most amazing views. Your kids would definitely love it. You can take great photos from there. Make sure to be careful with your steps, as the area around the waterfall is very slippery. It’s the only waterfall in the park, where you can do this.

It would take you about two to three hours to finish the hike and during this time, you can enjoy nature and the stunning landscape. You will cross several streams without a bridge. You will also see wildlife, and wildflowers if you are visiting in the right season. Furthermore, you can see white violets, stitchwort, and white and yellow trillium.

The hike begins from the Trillium Gap Trailhead. The trail takes you through a forest, which has hemlock trees in abundance. After hiking for about a mile, you will get to a cascade, from where you can get a view of Grotto Falls. Soon, you will get to the waterfall that will surely be a scenic view. It’s a great spot to spend a good time, and have a picnic. If are looking for salamanders, you will find them there.

It’s recommended to take plenty of water and food with you. Some parts of the trail can get uneven, so it’s better if you are wearing proper hiking shoes. If you feel like you can do more hiking, you can get to the Brushy Mountain summit.

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