Hanging Lake Trail

In the U.S Colorado is the Hanging Lake Trail which is famous for its splendid natural beauty. It is in the heart of Glenwood Canyon. Its elevation gain is 100 feet and it is 1.6 miles long from trailhead to lake. Hanging Lake trail is natural and national landmark with impressive and inspiring sights that give you many experiences to be remembered for life. The trail is 1.2 miles and it steep and rigorous.

Hanging Lake permit and shuttle system is there to guide visitors and ensures to let them have the best of their experience. They work very hard to make that place more beautiful and put efforts to maintain its natural beauty.

There is a booking system. Tickets are limited, so be hurried for reservations. Before going there make sure that you book the parking place of your shuttle or bike online, so that you may not have any difficulty in parking. It will take you 2-4 hours to complete around. While hiking, you will encounter many rocks and steps. There you will find no restroom. All facilities are the available trailhead.

Before going hiking keep few things in mind that you take edibles and plenty of water. You should wear sturdy footwear as it is rocky and you will have to walk miles away. Select that footwear which makes you feel relax and comfortable. No cell-services are available there; dogs and pets are not allowed on the Hanging Lake trail. Fishing and swimming are strictly prohibited there. It is best to visit in the summer months from May to October.

There come a lot of visitors each day. They enjoy the scenic and natural views of this lake. Most of them visit the lake to hike on the trail. They are of the view that they felt a great sense of accomplishment when they reached the top. The pictures they took of lake and trail were so astoundingly pretty.

One visitor shares his experience as it was a slow climb in most of the way, with a scramble up some rocks. There are a lot of shades, soothing sounds of the river which make you feel calm and relax.

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