Heather Lake Trail

After you have hiked some short and easy trails, Heather Lake Trail should be your next choice. It has a bit more elevation and more rugged train, so it will be a good experience for you. You can take the kids with you as well, when they reach the lake they will feel like they have accomplished something.

The beautiful trail is located near Granite Falls, Washington, and has an elevation gain of 363m. The out and back trail has a total distance of 8km. Heather Lake is situated at an elevation of 3,949ft and is surrounded by trees and brush. It’s a popular hike for day use as well as night trips. It offers various activity options and you are allowed to take dogs too if you keep them on the leash.

There is a parking lot near the trailhead. It’s huge so, even if it’s crowded you are likely to find a good parking spot. The hike begins from the left of the parking lot and you go through a forest for a mile. During the first part the trail gains and elevation of the only 1ft. It’s a great start and allows you to appreciate the surroundings of the cascades.

Soon you will reach the old logging road; you have to follow the road and then the trail gains elevation again. There are little waterfalls and running streams that make the trail wet, the trail is already rocky, so you need to be careful in this part. After a while, the trail would get a slight bend as it reaches a clearing in the woods. You would continue to go through the forest and you would see large old trees, you can hug them if you want. The trail would reach another clearing and from there it’s just a quarter of a mile to reach the lake.

When you are close to the lake, there is a fork that can take you anywhere around the lake. You can choose any direction you want, at the maximum, you will only add half a mile. When you are across the lake, make sure to spend some time there, take photos, or maybe have a picnic.

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