Hieroglyphic Trail

A great hike for the beginner, Hieroglyphic Trail is a family-friendly trail that has different activities to offer. Located near Apache Junction, Arizona, the trail has a distance of 4.4 km and an elevation gain of 172 m. The out and back trail features a river, a cave, a waterfall, and more.

The best seasons to hike this trail are winter, fall, and spring, and if you go in February, you can see wildflower. It’s a fairly simple and easy hike, so it’s recommended for families and beginners. You can also take your dog with you, but you have to keep him on the leash.

There is a huge parking spot at the trailhead, but as the trail has gained immense popularity in recent years, it is often crowded. So, come early and if you don’t find a spot, do not park along the road or your car would be towed. The whole trail is pretty much exposed and you will find only a little shade. So, it’s another reason to come early and also to bring plenty of water with you.

To begin the hike, enter through the gate on the north end of the parking lot. The trail is well marked, so it is easy to follow. After a short distance, you will get to a fork, Lost Goldmine Trail is on the east and Hieroglyphic Trail is to the north. So, take the north route, to follow Hieroglyphic Trail.

After some distance, you will see a fence that marks the boundary of the Superstition Wilderness. There is a gate, pass through it and make sure to close it. After about a mile, you will reach the canyon walls. There, you would feel like you have traveled back in time. There are several petroglyphs, some of which are in good condition, while others are not. Below the wall of petroglyphs, there are several water pools and at the mouth of the canyon, you can see a waterfall.

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