Iron Mountain Trail

Enjoy the wildlife at the Iron Mountain Trail to have a unique experience. There are many people who are searching for short yet adventurous trails and it is the best option they have. The Iron Mountain Trail is located in Poway, California. It is easily accessible CA 67 and Poway road that makes it a major attraction for the locals. That is why trail is highly trafficked on the weekends.

If you are planning a trip it is better to visit trail on weekdays. In this way you will find less crowd and it will be easier for you to cover the trail on your own terms. The total distance of trail is 5.2 miles and it will only take 2 hours or even less to cover it. With the elevation of gain of 1,102 feet you can easily reach the top without any hurdles. The route of trail is out and back. It means you can easily enter and exit the trail that will make it easier to manage everything.

The views of trail are amazing and on every step you can capture some of the best picture. An important thing to remember is that you should pay attention to weather. It is better to select a clear day because that is the only way to explore more area and experience more beauty.

If you visit the trail on clear day you will be able to experience Catalina Islands and Mt. Woodson. These are some of the most amazing spots. They look gorgeous from the top and you can capture the best pictures. The biggest attraction of the Iron Mountain Trail is that you can experience various activities. If you not planning to hike you can enjoy horseback riding as well as mountain biking. You will be able to enjoy the trail in various ways.

If you are planning to bring your family which includes you pet dog. There is nothing to worry about. You can easily bring your dog because it is allowed on Iron Mountain Trail. But make sure you keep a leash on your dog to assure it will not get away or get injured. Do not forget that there is no shade on the passage. That is why you should bring adequate amount of water to keep you hydrated.

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