Lake 22 Trail

If you are a looking for a trail that features a lake and offers great views of the mountain then Lake 22 trail is the right option for you. The trail is also popular because of its name which is unique and strange.

There is no verified story to how it got its name but some locals say that in the 19th century a creek and its source lake were given the number 22 and it stuck with this name since then. But, whatever the confusion is with the name there is no doubt that the trail is one of the most beautiful trails you could ever wish to see.

Lake 22 trail is located near Granite Falls, Washington. It’s just about an hour and a half drive away from Seattle. This trail is a 5.7-mile round trail with an elevation gain of 1350 feet. You have to be careful while you are hiking because the trail is often very wet, so you have to be careful with every step. Also, make sure to take waterproof shoes or boots with you. You don’t want to have a shoe that you can’t walk with, especially on this trail.

The lake presents beautiful views and you will be mesmerized from the start till the end. You will be amazed by the beautiful waterfall and the colorful flowers.

The first part of Lake 22 Trail is quite easy to hike, it’s fairly straight and properly maintained path. Once you start your hike, very soon you will reach the forest/mountain terrain. This part is beautiful as well as challenging so it’s perfect for a memorable hike.

Lake Twenty Two Trail often hosts a huge number of people and in the past, the trail couldn’t withstand a huge crowd. But now, a great improvement has been made in this regard and the trail is now suitable for large crowds as well. The park authorities and staff have worked very hard in this regard.

You will have to go higher and higher into the mountain and as you do so you will hear the sound of flowing water due to the presence of numerous waterfalls there. It will make your experience even more memorable. Keep ascending and you will reach the top of the mountain, there you will get an amazing view to enjoy. To get the best experience you must go hiking the trail from May to November. The trail will already be quite wet so make sure you don’t go when there are high chances of rain. Also, note that the trail is rocky, it features a lot of rock and creek crossings. So, you need sturdy hiking shoes that can sustain such a surface.

Since the hike is extremely magnificent, it is really popular among hikers and is often overcrowded particularly on weekends. So, your best practice would be to visit the trail on weekdays. Also, try to go as early as possible if you want to get a decent spot to park your car.

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