Lake Serene Trail and Bridal Veil Falls

The best way to get close to nature is to hike Lake Serene Trail and Bridal Veil Falls trail that’s situated near Gold Bar, Washington. It has a length of about 16.3 kilometers out and back and is heavily trafficked especially at the end of the week.

The trail has a 2000 ft. of gain which has the highest point of 2519 ft. and this gain of height makes it more difficult. Although the trail is difficult and requires much effort but it is worth all the difficulty because combine it with Bridal Veil Falls and you have got yourself a great day on the hike. When it rains, the Lake Serene trail covered by the raindrops look so eye-catching and when it is hot, you can also have a swim which is even more rewarding.

The trail features a road which is levelled and gives you time to warm up. After you are warmed up, it starts elevating and that’s when the actual hike starts. To enjoy the hike of Lake Serene Trail and Bridal Veil Falls, you must have to keep your eyes open all the time to look around and enjoy the different sceneries that are lined up on your way. In addition to that, you can also bring your dog to the hike but you need to keep him on the leash and always keep a lookout.

The levelled road is lined with salmonberry bushes and other deciduous trees which give you a great a start. After that, about half a mile into the hike, you enter a dense forest that looks quite marvelous. About 1.6 miles into the hike, the trail splits and it will take you to Bridal Veil Falls. Although it adds an extra mile to the trip, your effort will not go in vain. When you reach the falls, be sure to find a close point where you can experience it at its most.

After that, if you are up for a little more adventure, you can take a faint path that will lead you to Lake Serene. The path can be difficult and complicated, you just have to be sure that you stay alongside the creek. On the way up to the lake, you will come across some waterfalls which add more enjoyment to the trip. At the end of the trip to this trail, you will return to your abode fully satisfied and happy.

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