Maxwell Falls Lower Trail

If you are in Colorado and are looking to go hiking, Maxwell Falls Lower Trail is a great option. It is located near Evergreen, and it is around 4.2 miles long. This trail is very special because it is located very close to Denver and goes through a beautiful waterfall, called Maxwell Falls. There are three different hiking options available, the first being a one mile hike, the second being a three mile round about, and the last one being a four mile hike which ends at the falls.

This trail will keep you occupied, with a wide range of activities being offered. The route type for this trail is a loop type, meaning that when you start at a place, you end up coming back to that same place. If you have a pet, like a dog, you can take them on the trail as well, but you must tie them to a leash, and it is your responsibility to take care of them.

The elevation gain for this trail is a moderate 1170 feet. Depending on the trail option that you choose, you can be going up and down a moderately difficult 1100 ft elevation gain over 4 miles, or you can be climbing a relatively easy 300 ft to and from the falls.

How long is the Trail?

It will take you around 2 to 2.5 hours to complete this trail at a moderate pace. You can relax at a few spots along the trail while you catch your breath and be awed by the wonderful beauty of nature. This trail is best visited from the summer season to the fall season. Being only a 50 minutes’ drive away from Denver, this trail is an ideal weekend activity to get away from the hustle of daily city life.

While using the trail though, be cautious and alert, looking out for way side signs constantly, as some of the signs are damaged and may not be easily visible. Also make sure that you don’t intentionally or inadvertently start a fire while on the trail as it could pose a huge threat to the falls and the residents who live nearby. As you climb the trail starting at the Lower falls trail, you will go through a pine and aspen forest, studded with rocks along the trail. As you proceed further, you will start to see cliffs and a series of rock outcroppings through which the trail winds.

There are brilliant views of the forest and the falls from the top of the rock outcroppings. As you head down further along the trail, you will eventually come to the waterfall. Once you are done at the waterfall, you can continue along the trail, going down the creek, and going on until you rejoin the Lower Falls trail.

Going through the trail in its entirety will give your body a good workout and is a fun activity to perform with the family as well. This trail is a highly rated trail and is a must do if you live anywhere near Denver.

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