Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail Loop

For all the adventure lovers Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail Loop is a must-hike trail. The trail is located near Franconia, New Hampshire and is 8.6 miles in length. The elevation gain of the trail is 3,822 feet and is not easy to hike. You have to in perfect shape if you want to hike the trail in the best way. Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail offer everything a hiker expects. It features a waterfall, rocks, and wildflowers. It provides a number of activity options and you would just love your experience.

You can hike Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail any time of the year you want but we suggest you go in spring and fall season. So, it won’t be much hot and you will able to hike without any problems. You should hike this trail in the day when there are no clouds because on a clear day it offers views that you won’t see anywhere else.

The hike begins from Old Bridle Path, from there you will ascend to Greenleaf Hut. When you reach the hut you will have a clear view of Lafayette. From the hut, you will walk for 1.1 miles and ascend 1,000 feet and reach the summit. When you reach the summit of Lafayette you will get an amazing view of Franconia Notch and the Pemi Wilderness.

The hike is not an easy one and you have to come well prepared. You will have to encounter exposed rock summit and the ridgeline that is above 4000 feet. Make sure you are fresh and have complete energy, so, you won’t give up in the halfway. Also, bring enough water with you so you will not dehydrate.

When you reach the top of Mount Lafayette you must spend some time there and witness the beauty. You can also take pictures and store the memories forever.

Anyone who has ever hiked the Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail would tell you to go at least once in your life. Many people loved the difficulty level and the adventurous experience it has to offer.

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