Mount Olympus Trail

To enjoy the great views from the mountain top, hike the Mount Olympus Trail, a trail like no other. On the east side of the Salt Lake Valley, Mount Olympus stands at 9,023 feet and Mount Olympus Trail is the best route to get there. Views from the top are amazing and the trail is well-engaging. It’s not very long, but the steep grade makes it a bit harder, but the path is well-maintained so it is easy to follow.

The loop trail is located near Salt Lake City, Utah, and has a distance of 12.8km. It has an elevation gain of 1,275m. The hike is pretty amazing, but as it’s steep you have to move slow and steady. It requires a bit of work, but the views you get along the way and the top are worth any effort.

The lowers section of the hike can be very hot in the summer, so hiking in the morning is recommended. Also, there might be some rattlesnakes in the same section, so watch out for them. The hike begins from the trailhead located on the Wasatch Boulevard. There is a parking lot at the trailhead where you can park the vehicle. The trail is pretty popular, so to get a parking spot, you should come early. There are no restrooms, so, be careful about that.

You begin hiking by climbing up the very tall stairs, that can go on for a while, so might want to settle in. The trail hits several ridgelines along the way and that’s where breaks occur.

Then, it gets into the valley below the peak, one of the highlights of the trail. There you will see gladded forests and amazing creeks. It’s a great spot to spend some time. Many hikers take a stop here, enjoy the picnic and go back. But, if you want you can continue to climb the actual peak. But, it won’t come easy; you shouldn’t do it if you are not an experienced hiker or if you are not in a very good health condition.

When you get to the top, you will be rewarded by the stunning views of the valley below. You can take amazing photos from there.

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