Mount Si Trail

There is no doubt that Washington features the best trails in the country and Mount Si Trail is one of them. It is the most popular trail in Washington and nearly 100,000 people hike this trail each year. It is one of those trails that you should hike at least once in your life. You can’t call yourself a pro hiker if you have not hiked this trail. The trail is 7.9 miles out and back trail and has an elevation gain of 3,188 feet. It will take you around 3-4 hours to hike this trail depending on your physical strength and how large the crowd is.

The best seasons to hike this trail are spring and summer, but, it will be more crowded during these times as well. The trail is very challenging so it’s ideal for those looking for adventure and a good body workout. Some hikers also hike this trail to train themselves for backpacking trips and expenditures. This is also an ideal place for rock climbers. You can park your vehicles at the sprawling trailhead parking lot. The parking lot has enough room for a huge number of vehicles but still, you should go in the morning so you can get a spot to park your vehicle. If you don’t want to go in the morning then you should visit the trail on weekdays as you are less likely to get a space for your vehicle at weekends or holidays.

What is the path of the trail?

The trail is not too intense and is quite easy to follow. It begins with a series of switchbacks that continue for the rest of the hike as well so it’s a good trail if you like running. The trail just ascends a little for the first half mile and soon you reach a flat path across Snag Flat. Once you are through Snag Flat the trail begins ascending steadily and continue for the next three miles. So, don’t rush or try to do other activities, just follows the trail steadily and have a nice chat with your friends or family.

You will get the first view of your destination after 3 and a half miles and as you get closer and closer the trail also becomes steeper. Once you are close to the top you will come across boulders and suddenly you will see a hillside full of boulders and rocks.

Once you reach there, turn to your right and you will be at your destination. You can rest and eat some snacks here to gain some energy and after that, you can explore more by continuing up the side of the cliff. You can take photos as well but you would need a good photographer to capture the real beauty. This trail is dog-friendly so you can take your dogs on a run as well. It’s also suitable for children. Mount Si Trail is also a perfect option for those training for Rainier.

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