Piestewa Peak Summit Trail

In simple words Piestewa Peak Summit Trail is merciless hiking trail. There are various challenges that you will have to face. But the rewarding views will help you forget about all the issues you faced during hiking. The trail is located near Phoenix in Arizona. The total distance you will have to cover is 2.2 miles. On the other hand, elevation gain of Piestewa Peak Summit Trail is 1151 feet.

The best thing about trail is that it has in and out route type. That makes it easier for the hikers to find their way out if they get tired or have to deal with any issues. You will be surprised to know that this trail is know as the famous landmark of valley of sun. Every year almost half a million people visit the trail for hiking activities.

Mostly families visit the trail to spend some quality time together while hiking. After the Bright Angel Trail of the Grand Canyon it is the 2nd most visited trail in the area. Mesmerizing views and amazing hiking challenges has been attracting people from ages.

Another amazing factor about Piestewa Peak Summit Trail is its convenient location. The trail is easily accessible in the heart of Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix area. Even the residents and employees working in the area come and visit the place. Even if you are a tourist you can visit the location, enjoy an amazing hike and have extra time for activities.

However, it is better to prepare and train yourself for the hike. It will allow you to easily climb without getting tired. Remember that it is good to take as many break as required. Because it is better to stop and enjoy all the views when you get the chance. An important thing you need to remember that horses, dogs and bikes are not allowed on trail. There are no paths available for animals and bikers.

If you are able to reach the top of the trail you will be at the 2nd highest peak of Phoenix. You will be surprised to see the view once you reach at the top. The entire city looks mesmerizing. If you get a chance to see the setting sun on the top you will never be able to forget the amazing view. Most of the people the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail for the amazing views. You may not be able to come across various flowers or animals but still it is amazing.

The Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300 was created in 1930 for the hiking lovers. Before that there was no proper trail available due to which hiking was tough. However, now the trail has been so properly managed that people even visit with families and small children. They love to enjoy the healthy hike. You can visit the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300 anytime of the year. There is nothing much to worry about snow. That is why trail is even open during winter season. Make sure that you reach the trail early otherwise you will find a full parking lot. It means you will have to park at a distance that will increase your work load.

Specially during the weekends the trail is filled and you will come across many people enjoying the peaceful hike. There are even some families who visit the location for a picnic. It is famous for gatherings because people enjoy the fresh and soothing environment for a change. Remember that trail may look hard but in reality it is not that hard.

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