Quandary Peak Trail

A challenging, yet rewarding hike, Quandary Peak Trail takes you on an adventurous hike. The trail is located near Breckenridge, Colorado, and has an elevation gain of 1,017 m. It’s an out and back trail with a total distance of 10.7 km.

It is considered as one of the easier 14’s to the summit, but don’t take it wrong, the hike is still very difficult. In fact, all 14’s are difficult hikes due to unsuitable weather conditions and high elevation. So, make sure, you are ready for the challenge. Also, make sure to bring sun protection and enough water as you will be hiking for at least 2 hours. You can bring dogs with you, but you have to keep them on a leash. There is a great chance that you will see wildflowers and mountain goats.

The hike begins from the trailhead, located north to the Hoosier Pass. To get to the trailhead, you have to north from Fairplay or south from Breckenridge, and then you have to turn west to Blue Lakes 850 Road. Keep driving and then turn right to 851 road, you will see a parking area near the trailhead. The parking area is huge, with signs and toilets. If you don’t find a parking spot, park the vehicle along the side of 851. The trail goes above timberline, so the weather can change, so it is recommended to begin the hike early in the morning.

The hike is well-marked and comparatively easy. After 0.3 miles, you will see a large boulder on the right side, turn right around it. If it’s summers, it’s easy to navigate, but if it’s snowy, you can miss this turn. When you gain an elevation of 700 ft, you will go through some clearings. The trail also goes through mining roads, so follow the signs to stay in the route.

When you gain further elevation, there would be fewer trees. The summit is visible from here and at 1300 ft the trail becomes rockier and after a while, it leads you straight to the 14k’ mark. You can see great views from the summit, so take some time and enjoy the moment.

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