Ramona Falls Trail

A favorite summer destination, Ramona Falls Trail is a great hike for outdoor enthusiasts. It is among the most popular hikes in the Mt Hood National Forest, the reason for its popularity is the variety it offers.

Located near Rhododendron, Oregon, the loop trail has a total distance of 11.3km. It has an elevation gain of 318m. The trail was once a very popular family hike, but if you go today it might not seem like a simple walk in the park. It has changed a lot over the years. In the mid-1990s, the trailhead was relocated due to a road washout. There was an incident in 2014 due to which the authorities decided not to replace the bridge, so you have to cross the bridges on logs very carefully. So, when you go hiking, you have to follow all the precautions, wear proper clothes and footwear, and take emergency items with you.

The hike begins from the Ramona Falls Trailhead, from where you can take the Sandy River Trail that’s part of the Old Maid Flats geologic area. When you reach the river, you have to pass the first crossing signs warning related to safe passage. More than one person has died here by drowning. When you get to the trail junction, go past the big boulder to the stop sign and fill the free wilderness permit.

Hike past the trees and after 1.1 miles you will get to the bank of the river from where the trail descends to the Sandy River Crossing. As we said, there is no bridge, so use one of the logs or attempt a ford. Hike beside the river in shady woods and at Pacific Crest-Sandy River Trail Junction turn left. Soon the trail gets to a footbridge and heads to the bank of the creek.

Soon, you will reach the Ramona Falls, which might be less spectacular than some of the other waterfalls that you have seen, but because it’s right in the Cascade Mountain Wilderness, it’s an amazing spot. You can find someplace to sit, but be careful. After you are done there, cross the little bridge to continue your journey back.

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