Rattlesnake Ledge Trail

The most invigorating trail you can enjoy is Rattlesnake Ledge trail exclusively in the summer season. It is a 5.1 miles trail located in south of the North Bend, a city in Washington, United States. This location is more or less half an hour away from Seattle. People who love hiking, swimming and boating must visit this place on and off, especially when summertime is started.

On the few steps to the parking area, there is a spot where you can find the map of the place along with that there is description of trail and its history which fascinates those who are interested in historical background of the places and also that you are guided about the trail which assists you in having the most of it just being on this place.

What features it offers?

The two most enticing features of this trail are that there is a beautiful and scenic lake leading the trail up towards the top of mountains. Another feature is that there is a very beautiful park Snoqualmie Park which has all the facilities to provide you the comforts and yes of course enjoyment.

The elevation gain is 1160 feet. Hiking up and down the trail, few considerations are supposed to have in mind. Since, this spot is overly crowded so it is recommended you to arrive earlier in the morning as much possible and you have to be very calm, slow while moving uphill if you are here with your kids or pets or both.

Hiking starts from the south of Rattlesnake Lake and takes you up almost 35 miles to the most lavishing and memorable site to the top of gigantic and dazzling mountains. From where you can sight the many captivating and charming spots and then you can hike on different trails over there to reach where you can want to.

Make a memorable journey beyond rattlesnake trail. The recreational area constitutes on the 111-acre lake, there is a parking lot along with that a park is also constructed. This area is owned and managed by the Seattle public utilities for enhancing and promoting tourism, preserving and protecting the nature’s gift in the best way.

The people who hiked Rattlesnake ledge trail gave positive reviews about the experience. Some said it gives the best view of the lake from the top while some said they loved hiking it because the walk is challenging. Nonetheless everyone seemed to enjoy hiking Rattlesnake ledge.

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