Snow Lake Trail

One of the most famous and visited trails is Snow Lake Trail in Washington one hour away from Seattle. It is popular for the Alpine lake wilderness and amazing weather. That is why during summers the area is highly crowded. People love to visit the place because it allow them to relax in nature. There is more crowd on the weekends. As people come to enjoy the weather with family. However, during weekdays the crowd is commonly thin.

The entire distance of Snow Lake trail is 6.4 miles. It has an in and out route type which makes hiking more fun and stress-free. It has a 1669 feet elevation gain which makes the trail more exciting. Summer and fall are the best seasons to visit the spot.

The congestion ratio can be high sometimes but you will enjoy your time. The view point of Alpine Lake is completely mesmerizing to eyes. It is refreshing and amazing. There are many old forest and tree growths you will find in the area. Wildflowers are the main attraction of the trail. You will even find species of flowers that are not commonly available in parks and nurseries.

Reasons to visit Snow Lake Trail this season

If you are not living near the hiking spot you do not know when you will get the chance to explore this destination. It does not matter when you get a chance to make a trip to Snow Lake trail. You will be welcomed with outstanding beauty. As you will move upwards toward the valley of Snoqualmie Mountain. You will notice peaks of mountains under cover of snow.

They look amazing and show the image of a snow cap. It commonly happens in the weather of fall but if you are lucky you might find a little snow in the beginning on spring. On the other hand, visiting Snow Lake trail in summer will bring more attractions. You will come across huckleberries and wildflowers. The alpine aesthetic brings a complete different view for the hikers.

The biggest attraction of the trail is that authorities is managing it. They have planned the entire trail with such perfect to reduce the risk of erosion. They have carefully maintain the passages to assure accidents will not happen while people are enjoying their hike. There are proper passages for entrance and exit. It helps to keep hikers separated. As well as you will easily find you way back because of sign boards and instructions on every step of trail. You will surely appreciate the efforts of authorities. There are proper wooden steps in the beginning of the trail. It helps hikers to pick up the pace and reduce the chances of falling in beginning.

However, there is a rockier zone after you complete first 2 miles of hiking. From here you can reach the top of ridge. There are proper steps constructed in this area as well. But you have to be extra careful to avoid any accidents. You will reach the source lake after you pass this junction. However, there are some steep switchbacks and you will have to be extra careful. It is better to use the path that leads to Snoqualmie because it is better and easy to cover. Here you will find various views that will inspire you.

As you will crest the ridge you will come to the point of Snow Lake. It is the best reward you will get after tiresome hiking. On the lake shore there are many picnic spots as well as campsites where you can enjoy your time. So make sure that you visit Snow Lake trail at least once in life.

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