Trail of Ten Falls Canyon

One of the most iconic attractions for tourists in Oregon is Trail of Ten Falls Canyon that offers different activity options. It is an 8.7-mile loop trail and has an elevation gain of 1,194 feet. The trail is located in Silver Falls State Park near Silverton, Oregon. This park is Oregon’s largest state park and offers great trails and spots but Trail of Ten Falls Canyon is the crown jewel of the park. If you like hiking in a natural environment and are fond of waterfalls this trail should be in your trails list. Because on your way you would pass by 10 waterfalls.

The hike is not that difficult and is well-marked making it easy to navigate. You would see signs at each fall, so you can know you haven’t missed any and also there are benches where you can rest and enjoy the view. The trail begins from the South Falls Lodge Trailhead in the main parking lot. You should follow the Rim Trail and avoid the bike trail that you will intersect along your way. You would intersect with Winter Trail after 0.9 miles and you can opt to see the Winter Falls, but you should skip it and continue forward on the trail.

Furthermore, you will again get the chance to see it. After 2 miles you would see the signs for Upper North Falls, you should follow them and head under the bridge. When you come back, take the second right into the Canyon Trail. Soon, you will see North Falls; you can walk behind it to continue on the trail. After around 1.1 miles you will reach to Twin Falls. Continue on the trail and you will reach the Winter Falls junction that leads to Winter Falls.

Now, you should get back to Canyon Trail and turn left. The trail will then take you to Middle North Falls, Drake Falls from where you can also get the view of Double Falls and Lower North Falls. Hike for another mile and when you are at the fork go towards Canyon Trail that will take you to Lower South Falls. Hike behind the waterfall and climb a few switchbacks to see the last waterfall, South Falls.

Even though it’s not a very tough hike you still need to be prepared. You should wear waterproof hiking shoes as the track would be damp mostly. It will take you around 5 to 6 hours to do the loop so make sure you have plenty of time. You will have to pay 5 dollars day use fee or for 30 dollars you can buy the annual pass.

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