The Beehive Loop Trail

Enjoy the adventurous experience and spectacular views when you hike The Beehive Loop Trail in Acadia National Park. The trail is located near Bar Harbor, Maine. The loop trail has a total length of 2.3 kilometers and an elevation gain of 153 m.

The hike is quite difficult, as it is exposed and has steep granite staircases and iron rungs. Pets are not allowed and it’s also not recommended to take small children with you. If you have a fear of heights you should avoid hiking this trail. This is a very challenging hike, but it rewards you with amazing views over Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, and more. It is recommended to wear good traction shoes.

The hike begins from the Bowl trailhead located across the Park Loop Road. Begin hiking and after 0.2 miles, you will reach the trail intersection with the Beehive Trail. You have to continue your hike on the Beehive Trail.

The trail begins climbing and you have to climb ladders and scramble using iron rungs. From there to the top, you will see rungs and ladders all along the way, but there is also a section where you have to walk across iron bars. This section is very challenging and you need to be extra careful. If you want a less challenging hike where you have to scramble, you can take the Bowl Trail.

Soon, you will start getting views over Sand Beach and many surrounding bays. The trail crests over the cliff before you get to the summit of the Beehive. The last section involves uneven walking. When you get to the top, you can enjoy spectacular views from all directions.

It is not advised to take the same path back. You should continue past the summit and follow the trail to the Bowl Pond. Then, you will reach the Bowl Connector Trail, you can take this trail and reach the parking lot quickly, but, you won’t see the Bowl Pond. You can continue to see the pond and later take the Bowl Trail to reach the parking lot. You have to pay a fee to enter the park; the fee is charged per vehicle or person.

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