The Loch Lake via Glacier Gorge Trail

You should add The Loch Lake via Glacier Gorge Trail to your trails list as it would be a great experience for you to hike this trail. It is located near Estes Park, Colorado and it is the visitors’ most favorite destination.

It is a 5.4 mile out and back trail and has an elevation gain of 1,072 feet. The trail is located on the eastern side of the park and is a bit difficult as you have to follow the trail along the edge of the lake. But, overall, it’s a friendly hike and you can take your family with you as well. You can also do fishing there; you can catch trout and eat it with your family. Furthermore, you can enjoy the scenery especially if you reach there in the morning and take photographs of the alpine backdrop.

The trail to your destination beings from the Glacier Gorge Trailhead, but it has a small parking lot, so you may have to begin from Bear Lake Trailhead. You can park your vehicle there but even if you don’t find a spot there, you can park near the Bierstadt Trailhead. From there, you can take the bus to reach the trailhead.

The hike is really beautiful and exciting and your first destination would be at .8 miles i.e. Alberta Falls. It is a very popular spot in Rocky Mountain National Park. After hiking for 1.6 miles you will reach North Longs Peak Trail junction, you have to turn right from there in order to reach your destination. After 2 miles, you will reach Mills Junction; if you turn right from there you can reach Mills Lake and Black Lake. But, you should proceed straight ahead to continue to the Loch Vale Trail.

The route becomes a bit steep as you get close to your destination. After 2.8 miles you will reach Loch Vale. You can spend some time there and return or you can continue forward for about 1.25 miles to see the Timberline Falls. You should get there early in the morning if you want to avoid the heavy crowd and get a nice parking spot.

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