Tolmie Peak Trail

If you are looking for a family-friendly hike than Tolmie Peak Trail is a wonderful trail for you that offers beautiful views. Even though the hike is rated as moderate and is indeed family-friendly, still, it offers challenges that every hiker is looking for. Its great features include historical fire lookout tower and subalpine lake.

The trail is located in the Mount Rainer Area near Ashford, Washington. This roundtrip is 5.5 miles in length with an elevation gain of 1,522 feet. If you like lake and Mountain Views then you must hike Tolmie Peak Trail. To get to the trailhead you need to get to the Mowich Lake. Highway 165 road will get you there. You will see a parking lot as well as restrooms at the end of the road. You can park your vehicle there and use the restroom if you want to. If there is no spot available in the parking lot you can park the vehicle on the side of the road.

To begin the hike, you can follow the Wonderland Trail that’s on the south side of the lake. You will climb up and down while you can still get the view of the lake, but then the trail gets steeper as you climb higher and away from the lake. Then, the trail descends for half a mile where you have two paths you can take. If you go left, you will be heading towards your destination, Tolmie Peak. If you go right you will be continuing on the Wonderland Trail.

Then the trail descends before gaining elevation steadily, this would be a bit tough and you should take rest and drink water in between. But, this hard work is all worth it, as, soon you will get the view of beautiful meadows and then Eunice Lake. The bugs at the lake may bother you, but you should ignore them and make the most of the beautiful view and take photos and have a snack. You can see your destination, the Tolmie Peak lookout from there as well.

On the left of the cliff take the trail that goes up, it’s a 0.9-mile steady climb and will take you to your destination. From there, you will get a beautiful view of everything around and below you, especially the lake.

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