Tomales Point Trail

Take your family with you and hike the beautiful Tomales Point Trail that will allow you to view interesting birds, wildflowers. The trail is located near Marshall, California, and it’s a 15.4-kilometer loop trail. It has a total elevation gain of 357 m.

This area is a very popular destination among the visitor and this trail offers the best chance to get the amazing views and you can see the wildlife as well. You can take your family with you but in that case, it’s recommended to not make it all the way to the point. Because even without it, you can have a great time and see some great views and wildlife.

As you will be passing through the elk reserve, there is a great chance you will get a glimpse of these beautiful animals, which will surely be appreciated by your kids. The trail also offers views of the Bodega and Tomales Bay.

The hike begins from the Tomales Point Trailhead near the Pierce Point Ranch house and Dairy barn. The barn is famous for its butter whose production started in 1858. There is a parking area as well near the trailhead.

The trail is well maintained and just with a little caution you can hike it easily. After the first mile, you will reach the windy gap from where you can see the spring to which tule elk are attracted. If you are planning on doing a shorter hike, then this is a good destination for you; you can spend some time here, take some photos and return. After about another 2 miles, you will reach the Lower Pierce Point Ranch site. It’s a good spot for taking a break and capturing some photos. After over 1.5 miles, you will get to the tip of Tomales Point.

You have to be careful on the last stretch of the trail as it is unmaintained. If you are wearing long pants and long sleeves, you are likely to not have any problem. If it’s the fog season, this part of the hike can be more challenging due to the limited visibility. So make sure you visit in better weather conditions.

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