Twin Falls Trail

A classic hike in Washington, Twin Falls Trail features 2 waterfalls as indicated from the name that you can see at the same time. The trail is located near North Bend, Washington, and is one of the most popular hikes in the area.

It’s an out and back trail with an elevation gain of 294 m, so there’s not too much climbing. The distance of the trail is 5.7 km and it can take around 1 hour to finish the hike. The hike is rated as moderate, so there is not much challenge. It’s a perfect hike for new and experienced hikers both. Dogs are also allowed on the trail but need to be kept on leash.

The trail begins from the Twin Falls trailhead. There is a parking lot at the trailhead, but it’s very hard to get a spot here and you have to pay a parking fee. So, if you don’t find space, like many other people you can park the vehicle on the road and then walk to the trailhead. As you begin hiking, you would have to climb a small hill.

Move to a short steep hill and you will get to a swampy area. If its spring, you would see a lot of skunk cabbage, and if its summer there will be salmonberries. You will see a short bridge, cross it stay on the trail. Soon, you will get to the first river access. You will see a pool full of fish. Now, turn away from the river and through the woods, you will get to a large rock. There will be several switchbacks along the way. Try to avoid taking a shortcut and stay on the trail.

Soon, you will see the benches and when you get there, you will get the first view of lower falls. It’s a good spot, you can stop here too, but continue the journey if you want to get to the destination. If you continue, you would have to descend to get to the bottom of the hill where you will find the big tree.

Then, the trail begins to ascend as you climb the second hill, and when you reach the summit, you get the best views of the lower falls. This place is often crowded, but it’s worth the work you have done. You would have to get to the big bridge, by following a set of stairs. From there, the views of the valley are magnificent. You have to climb a few more stairs and you will get a view of the Upper Falls.

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