Wallace Falls Trail

The gorgeous and majestic Wallace Falls Trail will take you on a new adventure. The Wallace Falls State Park and Wallace Falls Trail are perfect for those searching for beautiful trail. It is easy to reach trail with stunning views that will stay in your memories for ages. It is an eye candy for those who love to hike and explore beauty of nature. The distance you will have to cover is 4.4 miles with an elevation gain of 1404 feet. You will have to take a round trip with comes with a out and back route. The trail will surely satisfy your cravings for a adventure.

The Wallace Falls Trail is located in the attractive region of Gold Bar, Washington. No doubt Washington is already a famous spot but many people visit the state only to explore the beauty it withholds. The most attractive part of Wallace Falls Trail is 3 different water falls in the lower, middle and upper region. It only takes a one hour drive to reach your destination. The easy to access makes the trail more fun. You will be surprised to notice that there are two different paths. You can stay on the hikers path if you want to explore the trail on foot. There is also a path for bikers where they can enjoy mountain biking. It means you will have freedom to enjoy hiking the way you need.

Wallace Falls Trail is famous among people. Locals love to visit the trail on weekends due to which the foot traffic increases. That is why it would be better to visit the trail on weekdays. You may even find families or group of friend on trail enjoying peaceful picnic. While you are climbing the trail make sure to enjoy every moment and scene. You will not be able to find similar beauty once you location and position of trail is changed.

Once you start hiking you might get annoyed because of power lines. Do not worry it will take a few minutes and you will leave industrial area behind. You will reach the fork in road once you pass canopy of Douglas and Hemlock firs. Visit the Old Railroad Grade by taking the left path. The ride is amazing if you are on a bike. After a few miles you will be at the bank of River Wallace. Trek along the river to cross the small bridges and enjoy amazing view that comes with it.

Soon your path will take you away from the river and toward the waterfall. First you will reach the lower waterfall that is 212 feet down. Take a small break and move forward because after half mile you will reach the middle waterfall. It is the highlight and most scenic area of Wallace Falls Trail. Here you will find a craggy bowl in which the waterfall breaks down. Look on the other side and you can enjoy the amazing view of Olympic Mountain.

From here trek 2.8 miles and you will find the longest upper waterfall. You will surely enjoy every moment. The best part is moving from lower falls towards the upper falls. The area is perfectly photogenic. You can easily capture some of the best picture that you would love to share with your friends. Do not forget to train yourself to assure you can trek easily on the path. No doubt hike is easy but training will make the entire process easily manageable. Have the best hiking experience.

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