Zion Narrows Riverside Walk

If you are looking for a short trail to hike then The Zion Narrows Riverside Walk is a perfect option for you. It’s an out and back trail with a total elevation gain of 206 feet. Located near Springdale, Utah this trail is also called the Gateway to the Narrows. Its path is paved, wide, and easy to navigate.┬áThe trail was first called Gateway to the Narrows but the name was changed to Riverside Walk in the 90s to make it sound more family-friendly.

The trail is relatively short, with a total distance of 1.8 miles, so, if you are a beginner and you are looking to get the experience of hiking this is an ideal trail for you. As the trail is not that much difficult it is suitable for all skill levels. The trail features a waterfall and is suitable for many activities like hiking, walking, nature trips, etc.

The trail begins as the Temple of Sinawava, an accessible portion of the Zion Canyon. The path is really beautiful and gives great views of Virgin River and mesmerizing hanging gardens and trees that are surrounded by tall weeping walls. The majority of the path is covered by Cottonwood trees, which create a comfortable shade for the hikers.

The trail is family-friendly, and you can take all your family members with you including children and the elderly. It is also suitable for people who cannot walk as the trail is also wheelchair accessible. It will take you around 2 hours to complete this hike, but if you take more time in experiencing the great views and taking photos you will finish in around 3 hours.

This trail is also the best place for you if you want to spot wildlife. You will spot mule deer that is more often seen at dusk. You will also spot blue herons, which are mostly fishing in the water.

Common squirrels and chipmunks are also spotted mostly begging for food. But, you should not feed the animals, it will be hard to resist feeding chipmunks due to their innate cuteness, but you should avoid it.

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